The Secret Garden reviews

Lettuce be thankful for these berry good reviews.  They’ve planted a smile on all our faces…

[RED BRIDGE ARTS] would appear to have another hit on its hands.
The Sunday National

Astutely grounds the ‘magic’ of the garden in a convincing reality, reminding us – in the face of climate change – how vital trees and wild life are to our own wellbeing. ★★★★
The Herald

The wonder and healing power of nature that sits right at the heart of this story is beautifully conveyed. ★★★★
The List

Full of rich invention and feeling. ★★★★
The Scotsman

Playful and imaginative. ★★★★
The Guardian 

We all love a good mystery, and this story has it by the barrowload.
Aberdeen Press and Journal

The adults could get as much out of it as the kids. But the kids were laughing so heartily.
BBC Radio Scotland Out For The Weekend

The dynamic and talented cast of three kept the audience (both young & old) engaged from the start. Intriguing and entertaining.
Families Central Scotland

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