Red Bridge Arts wins CATS Award for third year running

Stick by Me by Andy Manley and Ian Cameron won the Award for Best Production for Children and Young people at yesterday’s CATS Awards Ceremony.

Imaginary friends can come in all shapes and sizes – for Andy Manley’s isolated loner, the chum he finds is an ice lolly stick. The whimsical make-believe in Stick by Me is aimed at 3–6 year olds but this wonderfully wise and big-hearted show reminds us all how much we need other people.’ Mary Brennan, Theatre Critic

This is the third year winning Best Production for Children and Young People for Red Bridge, who won last year with Space Ape by Andy Cannon and in 2017 for Black Beauty, in a co-production with Traverse Theatre. Andy and Ian are no strangers to the CATS Awards – they were co-creators on Black Beauty, along with Andy Cannon and Shona Reppe and their much celebrated production White won in 2011. Andy’s collaboration with Shona Reppe, Huff, also won in 2014.

The Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS) are organised annually and awarded by the theatre critics of Scotland to celebrate the best Scottish theatre achievements in the theatre year May–April.

The first CATS were awarded for the year 2002–03 in five categories: best production, male performance, female performance, design and new play.  Since then they have been awarded annually in early June for the original five categories and for five additional categories: director, technical presentation, production for children and young people, ensemble and music and sound. Eligible shows should be substantially produced in Scotland, or developed, rehearsed and premiered in Scotland.

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