what’s in a name?

Living beside the Forth Rail Bridge has been the lasting and final inspiration for the naming of the company.


The bridge is a phenomenal, man made structure with an unquestionable industrial aesthetic, but it lives in my world equally as an awe inspiring feat of engineering and at the same time a colourful part of the natural world.  Every day i walk beside and under it and every day when the sun hits it at a certain time i am stopped in my tracks, inspired again.  I’ve lived in the village of North Queensferry for 12 years and throughout that time the bridge has been a constant inspiration.

The metaphor of bridge was also a hook – I think of my role as a bridge – supporting and connecting artists, audiences and partners.  – A bridge connects A and B to C.
The red is important too – read into that what you will.

The process
Naming the company seemed to take much longer than it should have and although the journey was at times fun and interesting it was also utterly draining.  It was a creative process – artists go through it all the time and when I work with them I try to understand and hold things to make it easier – its important that i go through this creative process as part of my work to give me greater understanding and connection.  The naming process for me included:

  • reading poetry
  • musing on song title and lyrics
  • making lists
  • talking ideas through with friends and family
  • phoning friends in a panic
  • declaring ‘ive got it’
  • wearing ‘the name of the day /week’ for 1,2,3, 7 days
  • making another list
  • obsessing
  • getting it so wrong
  • making a better list
  • being in a place where i had nowhere to turn and a deadline.

Turns out the deadline won – just as well as i still want it to be other but it is what it is, it has a story and it connects.

The week i named my company the Forth Rail Bridge was made a world heritage site – a pretty special time to connect with the big guy http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1485