How do we stay nourished as artists?

Alice McGrath and Elspeth Murray are running a series of Open Space events for artists working in participatory settings in collaboration with ArtWorks Scotland.
Recent events have taken place in Inverness and Glasgow.

How do we stay nourished as practitioners and as artists?

How do we grow as practitioners and as people? How do we encourage participants and ourselves? How do we reflect on our practice, support and listen to each other? Let’s have the conversation we need about the joys and challenges of working as an artist in the community.

An Open Space event – where participants set the agenda – for artists who work or teach in participatory settings to connect, network, share practice and cook up a recipe for nourishing their practice.

You may be a musician, visual artist, dance or drama practitioner, storyteller, writer, sculptor, graffiti artist, animator, puppeteer, jeweller, costume designer. Whatever your art form, if you take your skills and practice into participatory settings – schools, prisons, care settings, youth clubs, community projects – you’re welcome to join us for an Open Space day of conversations in which you set the agenda.

Open space events have a flexible framework to accommodate a range of discussions, a place for people to collaborate around a question of shared interest, where participants set the agenda. Open space is guided by key principles: Whoever comes is the right people. Wherever it happens is the right place. Whenever it starts is the right time. Whatever happens is the only thing that could. When it’s over it’s over.

Events are part of ArtWorks’ Scotland’s activity. ArtWorks is a Paul Hamlyn Foundation special initiative which has spent four years exploring how policy makers, artists, funders, employers, commissioners and training providers can build on our rich tradition of participatory arts. ArtWorks Scotland is match funded and led by Creative Scotland.

Facilitated by Elspeth Murray and Alice McGrath.
You bring: openness, passion and commitment to the conversations.
We provide: lunch and refreshments throughout the day.